How To :: Traveling With Jewelry

Summertime is all about relaxing poolside or shore-side, taking trips with friends and family, playing hooky from work (we won’t tell!) and making memories. One of the things that come to mind for us when thinking about summer, is of course, vacation! What also comes to mind is all of the preparation going into packing for a vacation… While we can’t help you in deciding how to pack your favorite beach toys, or how to squeeze all of your clothing into one suitcase, we can help you efficiently pack your jewelry so you can save time and stress when packing for that special summer trip!

♥ A trick of ours for keeping our necklaces from tangling is to use a straw. You simply place the chain into a straw and voila! No tangles


♥ Afraid you might lose an earring while packing/traveling? Put your earrings through a button so they stay put and together!


♥ Keeping all your jewelry in one spot is a cinch, just use a pill planner to keep all your little, sweet somethings in a safe place.


♥ A Wild Lilies favorite, plastic baggies! We love that these things come in all shapes and sizes to fit ANY piece of jewelry. Keep your stackable bracelets together, rings in one place, and necklaces from tangling by using these babies.


♥ Using a garment bag to transport clothing? Hang your jewelry around the top of the hanger so that you can keep your outfit together without leaving anything behind!

jewelry-on-hanger necklace-on-hanger

So whether your traveling to the tropics, the beach, or your neighborhood pool, keep your jewelry packing process easy and fast by following these few tricks, so you can focus on what really matters… Sipping that margarita…We mean spending time with family and friends! 🙂


Written By:
Alexandra Bozzi


Spring Trends

Spring is here and we’re loving these current trends



All white head-to-toe is trending, and we love it. Styling tricks to give this look a boost include mixing textures, layering, and using various shades of white to create a great look. White and ivory jewelry is an easy way to keep you rocking this trend all spring and summer long!


White Knight Necklace $46 || White Russian Earrings $14 || White Lie Earrings $15 || Stones Throw Ring – Ivory $18


Yellow is also a big color to watch this spring and summer, along with other bold colors like hot pink and orange. Check out our wide range of bold colored pieces like the one’s below to keep you shining bright like a diamond! 


Yellow Seed Bead Bracelet $27 || Jonquil Gypsy Ring $26 || Marie Antoinette Layered Necklace $50 || What A Stud Bracelet – Yellow $20 || Aimee Circle Yellow Stone Drop Earrings $20



Designers are playing with the positioning and placement of stripes to give a fresh take on this classic trend. Keep it classic with black and white stripes or go bold with multi-colored stripes and angles!


There’s a big reason why history tends to repeat itself with this trend. This spring designers took this classic look and gave it a twist with new patterns and silhouettes. 


Ibiza Nights Necklace $30 || Black & White Color Block Geometric Earrings $15 || Black & White Aztec Ring $9 || Bonjour Necklace $24 || Fenty Clutch $50 || Under Wraps Black & White Scarf $28


This trend gets a cooled-down effect this season with spring colors like pastel purples, mustard yellows, and bold blues. 


This oldie but goodie is a spring staple that’s here to stay. This season designers updated the feminine floral prints by going with bold colors and the mindset, “the bigger, the better.”


Flower Child Earrings $18 || Garden Of Versailles Necklace $50 || Gold Flower Center Stacked Bangles $20 || Adriana Multi Color Flower Circle Earrings $21  || Exotic Blume Necklace $33


Boho is back for another season, and that’s all right with us! Flowy maxi’s, printed chiffons, hippie prints, and flowers are just a few of the classic boho styles to hit the spring runways.


Daydream Believer Earrings $16 || Dreamcatcher Necklace $24 || Aurora Splendor Tribal Spike Necklace $50 || Shape Shift Earrings $15 ||Serene Buddha Charm Bracelet $22 || Medieval Armor Ring $16


Fringe is in this season and we can’t get enough! Thinking of fringe from the ‘70s? Think again. This trend had a major upgrade and designers played with new colors and textures to modernize the look. Get your fringe on!

fiercep-fringeCascade Pink Quartz & Fringe Necklace $50 || On The Fringe Scarf $17 || Fringe Benefits Necklace $25 || Gypsy Dreams Bracelet $23 || Let’s Hang Earrings – Silver $24


Written By: Alex Bozzi

Fashion Through The Decades


1920s Fashion

The 1920s is when fashion entered the modern era. Women began to abandon restrictive fashions of previous decades and began wearing more comfortable and shorter styles. The “flapper” look was loose and shapeless with dresses that flattened women’s busts and hips. It was a period of youthful rebellion, raw energy and searing modernity that led to short hair and shorter hemlines.

Find jewelry inspired by the fashions of 1920’s at Wild Lilies Jewelry.  Some of our favorites are our Vintage Fob Pearl Necklace, Rihanna Umbrella Ring, Eloise Earrings, Pendant Poise Necklace, City Lights Earrings.

1920s fashion

1930s Fashion

The Wall Street Crash of 1929 kicked off the Great Depression, making Hollywood the general publics escape. The movies became the new glamorous medium for fashion because for many Americans, glamour was no longer attainable and fashion became serviceable and functional. Starlets in Hollywood became the source of inspiration for women and 1930s fashion was fueled by Hollywood star’s glamour. Elegant fabrics made their debut, as dresses were most often crafted of silk or satin and made to hug the body’s curves.

Our Pearl Jam Necklace, Dazzle Me BraceletGlamazon Crystal Earrings capture the essence of the old Hollywood glamour in the ’30s.

1930s fashion
1940s Fashion

Utilitarian dressing took form in slacks and blazers worn by women, and uniforms became the norm in daily life. Yet the growing influence of glamorous Hollywood furthered the gap between the reality and fantasy of how women in the ‘40s should dress.

Many of the decade’s leading ladies, such as Ava Gardner (pictured below), sported clothing that cinched the waist and wore over-sized cocktail rings in their films and at parties! Pictured next to her is Grace Kelly, who elegantly shows off the cinched waste and broad shoulder look with simple studs and a chain link bracelet!

Midnight Dome Ring, Crystal Royale Bracelet, Dominique Square Lotus Earrings, Trades OF The East Chain Letter Bracelet are similar to the pieces worn by Ava Gardner and Grace Kelly during the ’40s.

1940s fashion
1950s Fashion

The 1950s fashion was regulated by three C’s—code, conformity, and consumerism. Women dressed for “wifely” roles and emphasis for fashion was on attractive housedresses and practicality. Cocktail dresses were a big trend and emphasized the natural appeal of a woman’s figure. There were two specific eras of style in the ‘50s decade. The early ‘50s trends centered on poodle skirts and modest blouses with oxford or Mary Jane shoes. The later ‘50s era emphasized hourglass shapes (hello Marilyn Monroe!) and glam!

Our Luna Golden Illusion Hoops, Dazzle Me Crystal Earrings, Cinderella Ring are the perfect example of how 1950s fashion translates to this centuries styles.

1950s Fashion

1960s Fashion

The 1960s saw a number of diverse trends that mirrored the time’s social movements. First Lady Jackie Kennedy was a style icon in the early ‘60s and fashion model Twiggy majorly influenced the mod trends in the later ‘60s. Jackie Kennedy’s sense of style influenced short-jacketed suits and Twiggy influenced trends such as flat shoes and sleek androgynous lines.

Our It Takes Two Earrings and our Ball & Chain Pearl Necklaceare modern twist on the classic pearl style.  Our Black & White Color Block Geometric Earrings embody the mod vibes of the 60s.

1960s Fashion

1970s Fashion

The hippie trend carried over from the late 1960s to the early 1970s in the form of non-restrictive bohemian styles. Art and craft elements, such as tie-dye, were also extremely popular during the ‘70s era. Miniskirts of the ‘60s were replaced with shorts and tucked-in blouses, silk scarves, wooden heels and chunky jewelry. This was also the age of the disco! The famous Diane Von Furstenberg Wrap Dress became a staple for women going from work to a night out.

Ring Of Fire Necklace, Fuchsia Jewel Droplet Necklace, Adriana Circle Flower Earrings, Gold Hammer Metal Hoop Earrings, Gold Vertical Hammered Earrings, and Samantha Necklace encompass the spirit of 1970s fashion.

1970s Fashion

1980s Fashion

The mindset of the ‘80s was the bigger, the better. It was a melting pot of personal styles and many combinations of different trends to achieve one’s own look. Big hair, bold makeup, stacks of metal jewelry and pearls, and bright colors were all major trends in the 1980s. The creation of MTV had a major impact with the relationship between fashion and music. American teens were able to see how their favorite celebrities and musicians dressed and could replicate those looks in their own way.

Get edgy with pieces similar to the ones donned by Madonna, we love our Chain Of Command Necklace, High Priestess Necklace, Bermuda Triangle Earrings, High On Rebellion Bracelet, Chain Of Fools Bracelet, Taylor Metal Mesh Earrings.

1980s Fashion

1990s Fashion

The punk style popularized in the ‘80s carried over into the ‘90s and morphed into the grunge style. Grunge brought a simple, unkempt look to mainstream fashion in the 1990s. The minimalist aesthetic contrasted the elaborate and flashy styles of the ‘80s. The rising world of hip-hop also became a big influence in ‘90s fashion, inspiring many different trends. Preppy clothing became popular with looks from designer Tommy Hilfiger, whose all-American look dominated stores. The ‘90s was a time where women could chose their look, no matter what category it fell under, and feel empowered by their style.

Find 90s inspired jewel on our website like Trades Of The East Black Santana Bracelet, Gianna Wrap Bracelet, Time of Seasons Necklace, Happy Face Stud EarringsPeace Sign Tattoo Choker Necklace and Insight Evil Eye Tattoo Choker Necklace.

1990s Fashion


Written by: Alex Bozzi

Why Wear One When You Can Wear Them All?

An Easy Guide To Layering And Stacking Jewelry Like A Pro.

Layering and stacking jewelry can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be.  Follow our guide to seamlessly stack and layer your favorite pieces for a look that is sure to wow!


1. Pair Two Statement Necklaces Together.


Here we took one statement necklace and paired it with three others.  When pairing statement necklaces a good rule of thumb to follow is make sure the neckline is the same.  In these examples each statement necklace follows the same scoop neckline making an easy clean stack!

Necklaces: Chain Of Command Gold NecklaceElle Fuchsia Acrylic NecklaceBall & Chain Pearl NecklaceAlter Ego Necklace

2. Pair together delicate short necklaces with longer necklaces or several long necklaces together!


We paired some short basic necklaces with longer necklaces that had similar color schemes, which made for a nice cohesive look.  If you are new to layering/stacking, stacking three necklaces together may seem intimidating, so keep it simple with two pieces and you’ll be good to go!

Necklaces: Painted Desert White Druzy Necklace, Simply Sophisticated Necklace, Missy Tear Drop Semi Precious Stone Necklace, Sound The Horns NecklaceEvil Eye For An Eye Necklace, Gold Wishbone Charm Necklace, Rebel Pendant Necklace


Stacking bracelets is a piece of cake just keep in mind the mixture of metals, shapes, and colors.

Bracelet-Layer-1 Bracelet-Layer-2Bracelet-Layer-3

When beginning to mix metals, a good trick to try is to stack bracelets that already incorporate mixed metals in their design.  If you look at the left picture, each bracelet has different metal colors, but what makes them work well together is that they all have the same crystal stones in their design.  This creates a clean and cohesive look.

In the middle picture, we paired a bangle charm bracelet with two stretch bracelets of varying sizes.  All three bracelets have unique shapes, but again have unifying features that keep the clean and cohesive.  In this case, those features are gold metal and beads, along with turquoise stones displayed in two of the bracelets.

If you are unsure about trying this trend on your own, there are plenty of bracelets that come pre-stacked already! Try a set of bangles like the one shown in the photo on the far right to get comfortable with stacked bracelets!

Bracelets: Everbloom Bracelet, Regan CCB Spikes, Metal With Crystal Studded Stretchable Bracelet, Sparks Ignite Silver Pave Crystal Stretch Bracelet, Sadi Semi Precious Stone Beads Bracelet, Gypsy Dreams Bracelet, Gold Flower Center Stacked Bangles


This is something that is unique to each person, since piercings tend to vary in location on the ears.  However, the idea remains the same and that is to make sure that you choose pieces that compliment each other whether it’s in their color, shape, or theme.

earrings-stackdouble-ball-studsOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

In the picture on the left, we paired three different earrings together in one look.  All three earrings are of vary shapes and sizes, yet this look works because they all are gold based. Its also important to stack earrings layering, go from big to small.  Start with heaviest or biggest earrings at the bottom of the lobe and scaling lighter and smaller up the ear.

If you only have one piercing but still want a layered look, check out the photos in the center and the right.  You can try a double ball stud earring to add dimension or a cuff earring to create an illusion of length up the earlobe.

Earrings: Goldie Triangle 3 Pairs Earrings Set, Gold Laser Cut Hamsa Earrings, Lucky Stars Gold Stud Earrings, It Takes Two Earrings, Turn Over A New Leaf Cuff Earrings


Rings: pre-stacked, different sizes/shapes & midi rings.

ART-ATRJRN7821-4T layered-rings-1 layered-rings-2

If you are just beginning to stack jewelry, you may want to buy rings that are pre-stacked, like the set shown in the first picture.  This will help you get more comfortable with the look before you tackle a more aggressive stack on your own.  For a more dramatic look, pairing together a small statement ring with a basic midi ring is always a great idea.  If you are comfortable pairing several large rings together as shown in the middle picture, go for it!  If not, go for a simpler look similar to the left and right photographs.  You don’t need to have a ing on every finger to make a statement, although we completely support it!

Rings: Jodi Golden Rocker Rings, Zebra Cocktail RingPave Crystal Silver BandJet Black Eyes Antique RingCinderella Princess Cut Solitaire Ring, Liquid Silver Fashion Ring, Silver Studded Metal Ring, Black & White Aztec RingTurquoise Howlite Collective Stackable Rings

There are no set rules when it comes to layering and stacking jewelry.  This trend is all about personal preference and working with pieces that you love, so therefore the looks should reflect your personal style! So go out there and show them what you’ve got by following these tops and tricks to stacking and layering like a pro!


Written by: Alex Bozzi

What To Wear: Holiday Party Edition

Tips For Glamming Up (Or Down)
A Holiday Evening Outfit, FAST!

We’ve all been there, getting ready to go to a holiday party or family gather when suddenly a wave of anxiety flushes over us as we start to second-guess our outfit choice for the evening.  

“Is this too dressy? Is this enough?” Are just a few of the questions racing through our minds.

Insert a selfie* exchange between you and your friends that could add a good 45 minutes to your already limited time, only to end up back in what you were originally wearing and feeling defeated by your own closet.


If you want to avoid a scenario like this for your next holiday get-together, then follow these three tips for how to glam up, or glam down, an outfit with a few key accessories, fast!

1. Earrings

Statement earrings are the easiest way to quickly dress up an outfit that would otherwise be too casual for an event you are attending.  We love adding a pair of chandelier or drop earrings like our Luxe Life Red Earrings to an LBD for a pop of color, or to dress up a more casual outfit like skinnies, a t-shirt, blazer and some pumps!

What about when you want to tone down the glam but still keep it classy? Try our It Takes Two Earrings to add understated glam to your outfit.  These look amazing when paired with a blouse, skirt (or pants), and some heeled boots!

2. Necklace

Statement necklaces are one of our favorite ways here at Wild Lilies to add instant glam to any outfit.  We love to pair them with dresses, blouses, sweaters, and even basic t-shirts!  Try pairing a statement necklace like our Bonjour Necklace with a sweater, skirt, and some heels for a holiday look people will definitely remember!  Or pair our Ice Breaker Crystal Hematite Necklace with a basic t-shirt, blazer, boyfriend jeans and some pumps for an edgier glammed up look!

Looking for something simpler?  Try adding our Ball and Chain Pearl Necklace to your next evening outfit for a bold look that isn’t too loud, but certainly won’t go unnoticed.  We love the versatility of a piece like this because it will work with outfits that are dressy, such as an LBD, and also with outfits that are more casual like a sweater, jeans, and boots.

3. Clutch

So you’ve got your jewelry and outfit figured out, now onto the item that pulls it all together, the clutch.  The right clutch can pull together your outfit while serving the practical purpose of carrying all your essentials.  Want to make a statement? Go bold with our Gold Strike Python Evening Clutch to make a statement or go classic with our Black Capsule Evening Clutch to discreetly blend in with your outfit.


Whether you’re heading to a big holiday party, or a small get-together, use these few tips to help you perfectly accessorize your next evening/holiday outfit to look your absolute best!


*Selfie – (Noun, informal) a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and shared via social media.

Written by : Alex Bozzi

Dreaming In Druzy

Druzy jewelry are total showstopping accessories.
If you want to be noticed, these eye catching, crystal-covered rocks are sure to do the trick.
Druzy jewelry looks natural with a rough face, are lightweight, and softly sparkle for just the right amount of bling.
Druzy Origins
Tiny quartz crystals form on the surface or within the cavities of other rocks.  Like a geode, such crystals often form on the inside of a stand-alone stone.  When cracked open, a geode reveals crystals on the inside.  When the crystals are small, and look like a coating of glittering stardust, it’s called druzy.
Druzy crystals have a POSITIVE IMPACT on its wearer.
Spiritual & Healing Properties
∴ Calms & Soothes A Tensed Mind
∴ Brings Light, Joy & Harmony
∴ Enhances & Empowers Positive Energy
∴ Stabilizes The Aura
∴ Helps With Meditation
Wild Lilies Jewelry has a wide selection of druzy jewelry under $50.00

Find These & More At
Wild Lilies Jewelry
♥ ♥ ♥

What Is Druzy, Lorraine Yapps Cohen
Spiritual Properties of Druzy, Geoff McDonald

Get The Look: Golden Globes

Who doesn’t love dressing up and looking fabulous?  The stars shined bright and  dazzled us during this year’s  Golden Globes.  See some of our favorite Golden Globes looks and Wild Lilies Jewelry that is inspired by or a dead match to these iconic collections!

Emilia Clarke’s Golden Globes 2014 Look:

Emilia went for a bold look stacking 3 gold bangles onto her wrist.
Check out Wild Lilies Gold As It Gets Coil Bracelet for seemingly identical look!


 Shop Wild Lilies Gold As It Gets Bangle here.


 Elizabeth Moss’s Golden Globes 2014 Look:

Elizabeth’s gold triangle earrings were the perfect pairing to her edgy laser cut leather mullet dress.
Check out Wild Lilies similar triangle earring styles.


Shop Wild Lilies Alexa Scratch Surface Geometric Casting Drop Earrings here.
Shop Wild Lilies Chantal Lace Casting Square Drop Earrings (also available in silver) here.
Shop Wild LIlies Swanky Gold & Swarovski Crystal Triangle Earrings (also available in silver) here.


Naomi Watt’s looked like a true hollywood royalty.  We love her glamorous bauble statement necklace.  
For a similar look check out Wild Lilies  Holly Golightly Necklace.  


Shop Wild Lilies Holly Golightly Necklace here.

What to Wear: Valentine’s Day Edition


Whether your going out for a night on the town, getting the D’s: Dancing, Dinner and Drinks in a sexy Little Black Dress or staying in with your special someone eating a nice home cooked meal (or in my case take-out) and cuddle up next to the fire watching a rom-com – here are a few tips on how to look like a total knock out!

Wild Lilies Jewelry

Clockwise: Jennifer Acrylic Stone Chandelier Earrings $17, Barbie Acrylic Stone Jewel Bracelet $30, Yasmin Acrylic Stone Jewel Earrings $16, Claudia Acrylic Stone Jewel Cluster Earrings $18, Nikki Acrylic Stone Jewel Necklace $29, Eileen Metal Love with Acrylic/Metal Beads Stretch Bracelet $12, Raven Crystal Studded Hoop Earrings $19, Karen Crystal Love Necklace $13

WEARING RED will make your date’s heart skip a beat and take their breathe away – quite literally! Red is the most emotionally intense color! Seeing the color red can make a person’s heart beat and breathing faster.  Red is the color of LOVE!

WEAR PINK to show off your femininity.  Pairing a cute cocktail dress with pink accessories is a great way to add an extra ounce of sexiness and romance to your look!

Add a touch of whimsy to your outfit by accessorizing with LOVE CHARM necklaces and bracelets (as featured).